inspiráló tizeslista. érdemes lenne egyesével bemutatni őket...?

  • Javier Vallhonrat His use of color and light is extraordinary. I believe he captures sensuality like no other. And his use of the environment with the model is timeless.
  • Ruven Afandor I think this is one fashion photographer who totally loves fashion. And completely understands how to shoot it.
  • Glen Luchford Another very strong fashion shooter. His choice of models and his lighting are impeccable.
  • Steven Meisel Of course! His work is explosive and emotive and probably the closest thing to Helmut Newton’s style that we have today.
  • Solve Sundsbo The way this guy captures movement and emotion mixed with the garments on the models is insane! I’ve been following his work for awhile. He keeps getting more amazing!
  • Vincent Peters I love the raw sensuality of his work. He seems to pull very real erotic qualities from the models.
  • Enrique Badulescu While the link to his portfolio doesn’t show his best work, in my opinion, he has overall captured my attention over the years because of his innate sense of light and his command of capturing the model and the clothing in it!
  • Ellen Von Unwerth Her ability to capture erotic but fashionable scenarios is without question. She has complete control of her shoots and one can tell that her models enjoy working with her, probably because she herself is one sexy woman!
  • Peter Lindbergh He’s just phenomenal, what can I say?? His use of black and white and the theatrical sets is masterful! He totally understands a woman’s sensuality.
  • Steven Klein Okay, maybe he comes closer to Helmut Newton than Meisel. His spread with Madonna in W a few years back made me take notice of him and keep my eye on his work.
This list is of photographers who are working today. They are at the top of their profession. They are by no means, though, the few that inspired me in the beginning. That list would include Helmut Newton, Chris von Wagenheim, Guy Bourdin, Dominique Isserman, David Bailey, Sarah Moon, and Nick Knight. These photographers are Gods to me! Their work still holds me in awe. Just researching them for this post, I was moved, again, by their images.

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Hozzászólás magyar gabor által December 7, 2008, 12:02am-kor
jah, nem az én listám :) bár neki is inkább egy top10 megbotránkoztató fotós lista kellene:)

össze kéne egy ilyet is állítani :)
Hozzászólás PhotoCross által December 6, 2008, 8:52pm-kor
Terry Richardson-t kihagytad? :)

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